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About Us


AIT is designed to prepare every student to graduate college and career ready, enter the global workforce and be successful, and be a contributing citizen in solving problems. 


The mission is to offer high wages and high-tech programs that meet global academic and technical studies, and provide students a seamless transition through a PK-20 educational pathway with dual credit opportunities and industry certifications that prepare every student with a foundation to enter the workforce and be successful after high school graduation. 

Core Values

The core value of the purpose is to create a learning environment where both the teachers and students are free to explore, take calculated risks and where failure is embraced as part of problem solving and critical thinking.  The core belief at the Institute ensures every student is a part of innovating, designing, creating and developing solutions for the future.  

  • Students will own their learning.
  • Students will own their behavior.
  • Students will own their results.
  • Students will own their career/future.